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As a self-expressive artist, I feel it is important to not only expand my skills by working with other mediums, but to also find the courage to share such artwork I have endevoured... Painting is one of them.
My approach to painting comes from a very personal place, one that allows me to be vulnerable, authentic, and completely emotional. As with any other art that I create, I lean towards symbolism, metaphor, or the poetic expression that moves me internally. When I meet the blank white canvas, it is always with my bare hands and fingers-- never using a brush. There is something very intimate and spiritual about allowing my painting process to come directly from my core through my hands.
'WAITING' - 2014  (48"x60")  acrylic, personal photograph, string
'THE RETURN OF THE GREAT WHITE BUFFALO' - 2014 (48"x60")  acrylic
'ANSWERS WILL COME' - 2016 (48"x60")  acrylic
'EMERGENCE' - 2016 (48"x60")  acrylic
'THE RISING' - 2014  (36"x48")  acrylic, coffee with grinds
'GYPSY SHAWL' - 2017 (24"x48")  acrylic
'THE RIVER' - 2017  (16"x20")  acrylic
'GIFT FROM THE SEA' - 2016 (4"x5")  acrylic
'SOUL' - 2017 (24"x48")  acrylic
'FROM THE BRIDGE' - 2014 (48"x60")  acrylic
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