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The NEVER AGAIN Series  [photography / sculpture]


This series is dedicated to Anne Frank. May my artistic freedom reflect the heartbreaking tragedy of the Holocaust that she and millions of other victims experienced.


   At the age of 11, I became aware of the Holocaust through reading 'Anne Frank - The Diary of a Young Girl'. I remember how heartbroken I felt after I read it. Being of similar age, she wrote about things I could understand: a difficult mother-daughter relationship, an interest in boys, and many hopes and dreams for her future. Like me, she expressed her fervent creativityalthough she had only a pen and scraps of paper. This young girl's innocence and tenderness poured from her words and nested in my heart. When I reached the last pages of her diary, I deeply hoped by some miracle she would be saved, that she would continue to create, to dream, to write, to be. Instead, she was sent to a German concentration camp where she perished. Only her diary remains, which has been translated into over 60 languages.


   At 15, I was exposed to the graphic horror of the Holocaust during Miss Feeley's 10th grade History class as I watched the historic documentary films. The details of the atrocities manifested by Hitler and his Nazi regime were inescapably vivid: the throngs of innocent men, women and children herded into livestock railroad cars; the emaciated prisoners so unrecognizable as humans due to starvation; the piles of lifeless naked bodies in pool-sized dirt pits. When class ended, I left that classroom acutely conscious of, and profoundly impacted by, the inhumanity.


   I am not Jewish and personally have no relatives who died in the Holocaust. However, as a human being overcome by the deep and overwhelming heartbreak for the Holocaust, I turn to my artistic expression.


   The series includes both photography and sculpture, and is a visual essay on the reality of the Holocaust and the broken spirit of Humanity. Whether victim, survivor, or attester...we are all witness to it.


   Therein lies great hope... Never Again.

all photos © vienne rea. all rights reserved