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The NEVER AGAIN Series  

[photography / sculpture]


   The only awareness I had of the Holocaust, before age 15, was 'Anne Frank - The Diary of a Young Girl'. I can remember how I wept after I read it. Making its impact due to our being of similar age, she wrote about things I could understand-- fighting with her mother, being curious about young boys, having hopes and dreams. However, unlike her, I was not forced to live in an attic in fear and complete silence for three years, expressing fervent creativity with only a pen and paper. Her diary's poignancy nested in my heart without describing the horrific details of the Holocaust. Upon reaching the end of her diary, I realized the tender tragedy was she never being given the right to continue to create, to dream, to be. I imagined that maybe she did continue to write while she suffered in the concentration camp, and that those writings persihed with her-- making it all the more heartbreaking. Perhaps this Series is an endeavor to give back to her that stolen artistic freedom, vicariously.

   My full exposure to the Holocaust came in Miss Feeley's 10th grade History class as I watched the historic documentary films. I could not believe what I was seeing, and that it was real. The details of the atrocities of Hitler and his Nazi regime were vividly real-- the piles of lifeless naked bodies in pool-sized dirt pits; the emaciated prisoners so unrecognizable as humans due to their starvation; the throngs of innocent men, women and children herded into livestock railroad cars. I left that classroom permanently changed. The visual imagery was forever embossed inside of me.

   I am not Jewish. Personally, I know no one who died in the Holocaust. I am simply a human being who has been ovecome with deep and overwhelming sadness for the Holocaust, and who chooses to express this using the artistic tools I have been given.

   This on-going series, which includes photography and sculpture, is a visual essay on the reality of the Holocaust, and the broken spirit of Humanity that resulted. We are all witness to it.

   May it be seen and felt, by all of Humankind, to serve the greatest good. Therein lies a hope-- Never Again.

all photos © vienne rea. all rights reserved