The LADDER Series


  This series began after receiving a vision in a dream.

The LADDER Series in solo exhibition 2017, with CHILDHOOD Series in background
'UNTITLED (Breaking Ties with The Past)' - 2019 (10"x10"x15") glass, shredded b+w photographs, embroidery thread
'UNTITLED (Breaking Ties with The Past)' - (detail)
'UNTITLED (Breaking Ties with the Past)' - (front view)
'RE-BIRTH' - 2013 (3"x3"x2") twig, leather, ceramic, dirt
'IAMAMAMA' - 2020 (26.5x24x2) purpleheart wood
'IAMAMAMA' (detail)
'JOHN, DEAR' - 2016 (72"x19"x19") rope, salvaged tractor blades. Winner of Best of Show
'JOHN, DEAR' (detail)
'9/11' - 2013 (24"x12"x4") steel, rope. 1 Artist's Proof available. Winner of Honorable Mention
'DEPRESSION' - 2018 (11"x11"x13") glass, dirt, grass turf, wood)
'DEPRESSION' (top view)
'12-STEP LADDER' - 2017 (96"'x27"x54") mirrored acrylic. Reproduction available upon request.
'PRIDE' - 2017 (30"x13"x4") acrylic. Winner of Best of Show
'PRIDE' (detail)
'ROMAN NUMERAL FOUR' - 2016, 2017 (18.5"x48"x3") aluminum. 1 Artist's Proof available.
'SOULMATES' - 2017 (69"x17"x4") wood, acrylic, suede, steel, aluminum
'ANTHROPOLOGY' - 2017 (66"x15.5"x2.5") wood, rope, twine, copper
'JASPER' - 2013 (36"x16"x2") vintage piston yardsticks, steel rods, fittings
'TWO-FACED' - 2013 (6"x1.5"x1.75") steel, brass, rubber
'TWO-FACED' (side)
'ALCHEMY' - 2013 (6.75"x3.25"x1.5") steel, brass
'ALCHEMY' (top)
'AUSCHWITZ' - 2013 (12"x2"x2") aluminum, mirror
'AUSCHWITZ' (back)
'AUSCHWITZ' (back interior mirror view)
'AUSCHWITZ' (front interior mirror view)
'BEGIN' - 2013 (8"x9.5"x3") steel
'THE WAY' - 2016 - sterling silver pendant and necklace
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