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    This series was created because I wanted to memorialize the childhood of each of these children—for their parents, and for these children, and for their children, and so on. While I was creating the series I was consciously aware that, although their memories are personal to them, the moments I captured on film could stir the heart of anyone who had a childhood of their own.

   The selection of images shown herechosen from thousands of photographs of children in my archiveswere exhibited in a solo show in 2017. 


   All of the images were made on analog film. The black border around each photograph is actually the edge of the filmnot an add-on editing manipulation. Therefore, the viewer sees exactly what I saw when I looked through the lens and took the photograph. Composition is the glue that holds the viewer's attention. During the past 30 years as a fine art photographer I have never used post-production cropping to create strong composition. While viewers may or may not appreciate the technical nuance of the little black edge, I do believe the black edge guides the connection into the heart of the viewer.

all photos © vienne rea. all rights reserved