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   All of the photographs in this series were taken in the 1990s during the years when I was creating photographs for families to treasure for a lifetime and to build a themed series to become an exhibition.

   The black edge is a frequent curiosity of viewers. The black edge is the film; it is not an add-on border. All of my analog film prints show the film edging so that the viewer can see exactly what I saw when I took the photograph. I compose through the lens. As a fine-art photographer with over 30 years experience, I feel it is essential to produce images with excellent composition. I believe there is huge difference in skill between those who crop their images to make a photograph great and those who take a great photograph through the lens. 

   Nearly everyone has a camera or photo device these days but that does not make everyone a photographer. I too have digital cameras and a camera-phone—all of which allow me to take beautiful images. However, I am also “old school"... I shoot analog film. Back in the day, we didn’t have auto settings or the luxury to shoot and preview the image to see if we got the shot. I loved the good anxiety of not knowing if I got the shots I hoped for, only to discover upon developing the film whether or not I had accomplished the high standard I set for myself. For me, that little black edge not only frames the photograph, it conveys the boundaries of skilled composition, and it also has become a signature that identifies my work.


all photos © vienne rea. all rights reserved